New Study Reveals a Breakthrough Way
to Protecting Your Body from

EMF Radiation

This study found that a wearable EMF solution
can reduce your stress, boost your energy, slow aging
and support optimum health

"I love mine. Have noticed
faster recovery, better sleep,
and a more balanced nervous system."

Elle MacPherson

Supermodel and founder of

You're Being Bombarded with EMF Every Day

Our Exposure is
Is Multiplying Exponentially

We are exposed to EMF radiation around-the-clock including:

  • 3.8 billion smartphones and millions of cell towers to support them
  • 200 billion more connected “smart” devices emitting micro radiation
  • WiFi in every home (and your neighbor’s home reaching your house)
  • 50,000 “wireless” satellites set to blanket the earth in microwave

With virtually every inch of the planet soon to be covered in EMF, there is no escaping this problem...

Why EMFs May Be Harmful to Your Health

You are an electromagnetic being—your body runs on electrical impulses—which unnatural or manmade radiation can disrupt.

The potential harm caused by EMFs was scientifically exposed by Dr. Pall, PhD., Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Medical Science at Washington State University, who has become one of the leading EMF researchers in the world.

According to 26 different pieces of research Dr. Pall has published, the problem with EMFs is that they “turn on” a process that floods your cells with excess calcium.

This creates a whole host of possible problems that can include:

Mitochondrial damage5 (which lowers energy levels within cells)

Free radical damage6 (which can accelerate aging at the DNA level)

Decreased white blood cell count7 (which can compromise immunity)

Issues with normal cellular development in brain 8 (which can lead to brain fog and low mood)

Disrupted hormone activity, including melatonin9 (which can affect sleep)

And many more potential problems still being discovered.

On the other hand, when you reduce exposure—or address the effects of EMF—it can be one of the best things you do for your health.

Benefits of Reduced EMF Exposure

Mental Health

Improved mood

Healthy Emotional Responses

Normal Coping

Focus & Performance

High Quality Sleep

Optimal Memory & Recall Function


Normal Cognitive Function

Physical Health

Normal Blood Pressure Levels

Healthy Weight Maintenance

Normal Digestion

Youthful Skin/Healthy Aging

Introducing.. the

NEW Harmoni Pendant

"The Harmoni is a breakthrough in stress-relief, performance optimization, and EMF protection — perfected by over a decade of testing.

It has been used and validated by industry experts, doctors, health practitioners, top authors, professional athletes, celebrities, and thousands of everyday individuals looking for a solution to EMF radiation exposure.

What Others Are Saying About Harmoni

”My Harmoni pendant allows me to lower my stress while protecting me from harmful electromagnetic frequencies. I wear it everyday and feel AMAZING!”

Dr. Fab Mancini, TV celebrity doctor and bestselling author

“I did my own scan and showed that it does truly affect my heart rate variability. I have a really high level of stress in my job and raising 4 children. I really felt it had a calming effect on me and I'm more level headed to get through my day easier. I’m recommending to my patients.”

Dr. Lisa Fortin, MD, leader in regenerative functional medicine with training in neurosurgery and radiology and published researcher

"We had one really impressive benefit that happened to several of our participants, which was improved sleep, and it was dramatic...I do recommend it to my patients."

Dr. LISA KOCHE, MD, triple boarded in Internal Medicine, Bariatrics, and Anti-Aging and Regenerative medicine.

"EMF radiation is a silent form of stress on our body that overtime has a destructive impact on our health. Being healthy in the 21st century depends upon our ability to mitigate and adapt to this onslaught of radiation. Harmoni pendants help protect us from EMF radiation and give us greater resilience in body and mind!”

Dr. David Jockers DNM, DC, MS, doctor of natural medicine, functional nutritionist, world-renowned expert on fasting and the ketogenic diet

“The first week of using the pendant one of the first things I noticed was my sleep was so much better. I’m recovering faster from workouts. I used to get bruises and these aches that would take me weeks for them to get better. Now it’s a week! Everything is working better.”

Dr. Ryan Wohlfert, DC, NSCA, CCSP, host Superhuman Brain and Leaky Brain Summit

“I had been waking up stressed for over 2 months. The first day I wore the Harmoni Pendant, I slept soundly through the entire night. I’ve also noticed a significant shift in my reactions to stressful situations. This is life changing.”

Andrea Anders, Actress

How the Harmoni Pendant Helps
Neutralize the Effects of EMF

A study was conducted to assess the efficacy of the Harmoni Pendant in reducing stress and the impact of the electromagnetic fields (EMF). The goal was to see IF it works and HOW it works...

The study was conducted by eight doctors from across the United States, spanning specialists in various fields, using HeartScientific HRV technology -- which measures stress and nervous system health.

The study results exceeded all expectations:


Heart rate variability jumped by 700% on average

Heart-rate variability, or HRV, is an increasingly well-researched way to measure for how stressed-out or calm someone is. The fact that subjects scored over 7 times higher with Harmoni astonished the researchers!


Reduced the effects of stress from EMFs on average by 48%

The researchers were also able to isolate areas of stress that were impacted by EMFs. And they found that some of these EMF-related stress sources improved on average by a whopping 48%


Improved biorythms (including sleep) by 160%

Your body has a whole host of critical rhythms it relieas on for health and performance. THis includes circadian rhythms (which impact sleep), and others, which collectively improved by 160% on average after Harmoni activation!

No other EMF solution in existence has demonstrated these types of results in an actual human study.


Energy reserves grew by an average of 530%

Mitochondria -- which are the "energy factories of your cells" -- play a huge role in your day to day energy levels. EMF radiation can be harmful to mitochondria and energy, but this reading was 530% better on average following Harmoni activation.

Promote Longevity

Lowered biological age by two years

The Heart Scientific HRV's Biological Age reading incorporates data about your heart rate to assess your body's biological age (which can be younger than chronological age). After Harrmoni activation, this was an average of two years lower!


Improved markers of health by up to 138%

The study also tracked something called the "complex state index" -- which examines various biomarkers to assess overall health. This includes neurohumoral balance, energy reserves, and more. This was lifted by an average of 138% following Harmoni activation!


Enhanced the body's biophoton field on average by 140%

The body's biophoton field is a measurement of the subtle energy that emanates from the body. Researchers have used a photon detector and studied individuals in the dark to prove this exists. This improved by 140% on average following Harmoni activation!


Improved the body's psycho-emotional state on average by 100%

The state of your brain often determines your mood, how calm you are, how ell you react or how resilient you are to stress, and more. This measurement looks at a brain coherence and balance, finding a 100% improvement after Harmoni activation.


Improved nervous system regulation by 310% on average

Your body's ability to shift out of "fight or flight" and stressful states depends on your nervous system regulation. A healthy nervous system can upregulate during times of danger, and downregulate or "slow down" when needed.


Improved nervous system regulation by 310% on average

Your body's ability to shift out of "fight or flight" and stressful states depends on your nervous system regulation. A healthy nervous system can upregulate during times of danger, and downregulate or "slow down" when needed.

Harmoni Also Showed Results
with Live Blood Cell Analysis

Live blood cell analysis is the study of one's blood, shown with a dark field microscope. Sticky and off-color bloody suggests a state of compromised health.

The image on the left is a study subject's blood after a source of emf radiation was introduced. Finally, on the right we have that person's bloody once the Harmoni was introduced and worn. Notice how the red blood cells are moving freely and in an optimum state!

The Ultimate Way to Support Your Body Against EMF Stress

As you just learned, theres is no avoiding EMF radiation.

It is everywhere and growing exponentially

And while there are countless solutions that promise to reduce radiation from your phone or protect you... Harmoni is the ONLY one found in a human study to reduce the effects of EMF stress, boost energy, support anti-aging, improve vitality, and more.

This is why so many health leaders (seen on this page) have gotten behind Harmoni and recommend it to the millions in their communities

Because it truly works

There is no point in ignoring EMFs... not anymore... not when you have a solution science has found can truly support your body.

Choose the best option for you and your loved ones below -- and get started with Harmony today...

”The Harmoni Pendant is a tremendous tool to help balance the flight or flight state that we so often find ourselves in these days. The first time I wore mine, I could feel my body relaxing and my thoughts clarifying. My 13 year old son says he feels lighter when he wears it. It's my new favorite gift for friends and familiy!”

Carol Garner-Houston, OTR/L, Co-Founder and Chief Clinical Officer of Brain Harmony

“Our whole family wears the Harmoni Pendant. When you wear the Harmoni Pendant, your body shifts OUT of the fight-or-flight state and into the parasympathetic (calm) mode and prevents EMF radiation form getting "stuck” inside your body. We feel more energetic, more focused and healthier since we "Harmoni-zed" our family!!"

Trina Felber, RN, BSN, MSN, CRNA

"EMF and new wireless technology exposure is a top health concern of mine. Wearing the Harmoni Pendant gives me peace of mind."

Shivan Sarna, SIBO expert

"LOVE this little pendant (and great idea to make it so you can just pull it on over your head). I am sleeping like a baby thanks to this lovely little charm, I wear it daily. What a difference!”

Leanne Ely of

“I LOVE my Harmoni Pendant! Definitely can feel the lift of energy and I wear it all the time!”

Charles Livingston of the

“I couldn't be more grateful to have this easy EMF solution for me and my family! I always notice a HUGE difference on days we wear our pendants.”

Samantha Lee Wright, host of the Essential Oil Revolution podcast

“When I harmonized it to my body, I could totally feel myself relax. I almost fell asleep. It really works. Super little tuning fork for the body."

Truth Calkins, nutritional consultant, tonic hearbalist, Longevity Now Conference speaker

EMFs are WAY TOO BIG of a Problem to Ignore and...

Now, You Don't Have To!

With the Harmoni Pendant -- you finall have a simple, affordable way to fight back against the risks of EMF exposure.

You AND your family deserve the best possible health.

With Harmoni, you can support your body against negative potential effects of EMF radiation -- and protect yourself from associated potential stress, aging, and other health issues.

Use the buttons above or below to get started -- and watch what a difference it makes in how you feel.

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We recognize that the benefits of the Harmoni Pendant (especially in terms of mitigating EMF stress) are so significant, so incredible...

... it almost seems too good to be true.

We want you to feel SAFE in investing in pendants for yourself and family members.

And so we're guaranteeing your purchase for 60 FULL DAYS.

That means, you can take TWO FULL MONTHS to try it out... see what a difference it makes in your health... the way you feel... your sleep... your sress levels...

You MUST be absolutely thrilled with what you experience... no exceptions...

... or you can simply mail us back your pendant, and we'll gladly refund every penny you paid.

"We are loving our Harmoni Pendants that help with all the EMFs we are exposed to. Plus it has a ton of other health benefits such as helping lower stress and improve your sleep.
Check it out for yourself."

Jonathan Otto,documentary filmmaker

"Ive been feeling so much better. But forgot to wear it yesterday and definitely had a dip in energy and a bit of a headache. Back on today. Feeling much more centered and content."

Lisa Herndon

"That very first night when i went to bed, I fell asleep within ten minutes! I have not been able to do that in years. And since then, I fall asleep quickly and sleep longer without waking up multiple times during the night. It had been so long since I slept like that-that I had forgotten what it felt like to have a deep, relaxed and restful sleep. I feel my stress decreasing over time and my energy increasing over time. I am eternally grateful."

Gail Lynn Mattingly

"So, I activated the pendant Friday night... I have a LOT of problems sleeping... a LOT (hip discomfort, monkey brain, etc) and normally by about 2 in the afternoon I'm literally falling asleep sitting straight up."

"I have slept better, with less discomfort, the last 3 nights than I have in the last few years and I haven't had to nap - it's been months since that has happened. so, the pendant is really the only change.... could it be helping that much? Dunno, but not taking it off lol"

Dee B.

"Just less than 2 weeks being harmonized with the Harmoni pendant, I am still in a state of amazement how well I feel!"

David Devine

"It's truly amazing. It's helps me feel extremely relaxed and tired in the evening and want to fall asleep, which is very new for me"

Amy Swanson

Save Up to 66% on Multiple Harmoni Pendants for EMF Protection!




1 Harmoni Pendant

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YOU SAVE $60.00
$149 $89.00 + Shipping

Most Popular

2 Harmoni Pendant Couple's Pack

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YOU SAVE $154.00
$298 $158.00 Free US Shipping

Biggest Savings

4 Harmoni Pendant Family Pack

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$596 $276.00 Free US Shipping

Your Harmoni Purchase Is Protected By Our 60-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee!











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